4 Ways That A Speeding Solicitor Can Help You

speeding solicitor

If you have ever received a speeding ticket before, you are not alone. This is a common occurrence. Most adults will receive one of these at some point in their life, and you can usually take care of this on your own. However, if you were excessively speeding, or if this is one of many that you have received recently, you will certainly need legal representation. You can find a speeding solicitor that has worked with individuals that have had multiple citations and potentially reduce your penalty and fines. Here are four ways that you can find one of these motoring offense solicitors that will be able to help you.

What Do These Motoring Solicitors Do?

These professionals do so much more than simply help with speeding tickets. They can help people with every imaginable driving offense. A very common offense that they represent people for all the time for drink driving cases. They can also appeal a driving conviction if you have recently received one. If you have been pulled over for careless or dangerous driving, is necessary to have one of these solicitors working for you. At the very least, it will provide you with some confidence that your offense will not lead to the maximum penalties that can be delivered by the court.

What Type Of Penalties Could You Receive?

The penalties and fines that you could receive can range from simply receiving a fixed penalty notice and three penalty points to losing your license altogether. The minimum fine could be as low as 25% of your weekly wages. If you were speeding more than 21 mph over the speed limit on a motorway, the maximum penalty could be as much as £2,500. All of this is negotiable, to some degree, depending on the nature of the offense. If you are speeding due to an emergency, or if the speed detection devices can be proven to be faulty, the penalties and fines can be waived.

Four Ways To Find The Best Speeding Solicitor

The first place to search for these law firms is online. You will find several of them offering their services. Second, you can check your local paper, or any other printed directory, where local businesses are located. Third, you may have a friend or family member that has recently hired a speeding solicitor that help them reduce their charges significantly. Finally, you may hear a radio spot all driving, allowing you to write down their phone number and call them for assistance.

The odds of reducing your fines and penalties are in your favor if this is the first time you have had this type of problem. It’s also likely that these penalties will be reduced if you were only driving slightly over the speed limit. If it is a significant event where you are driving 100 mph or more, and you were driving recklessly, it is unlikely that any type of reduction will occur. However, it’s still good to have one of the top motoring offense solicitors on your side to help you as you deal with this situation in court.